You may believe that your small gym or gym isn’t really relevant. Reconsider! Do something to help others, and you in turn will gain rewards. The opportunities to market your health club are just restricted by your very own imagination. Here are 7 amazingly simple methods to enhance your health club marketing efforts and produce totally free promotion for your health club.

1. Canned food drive

” Free Enrollment when you generate 5 canned foods!” Your fitness center can partner with a local soup cooking area or Redemption Army. Make certain to inform the newspapers and news stations about the collaboration … they eat that stuff up! (And naturally, you’re also assisting those in need, which always feels great).

2. Write for your regional newspaper.

Does your local paper have a weekly physical fitness editorial? Write one for them! Contact your local paper( s), introduce yourself as a regional health club owner, and let them understand you would like to write a weekly physical fitness tip/article for them. The worst they will say is no. What other publications are distributed in your area. Neighborhood newsletters? Free newsstand regulars? Exactly what about online resources? Exist sites catering to your area? Compose short articles for them. If you can’t compose, have among your staff members write.

3. Partner with your regional radio station.

You can have a radio station sponsor an 8-week weight-loss contest for your health club. Get a DJ as your advocate. They can announce the contest to the listeners, have them submit applications, maybe even get groups set up in between 2 DJ’s. All individuals can have a free fitness center membership during the contest in exchange for great deals of marketing for your health club over the 8 weeks.

4. Run a contest for charity.

Get members to have family and friends promise a quantity per mile you invest in the treadmill or for every single action you get on the stairmaster. Even if you only get 2 individuals to get involved, it doesn’t matter. Tell the radio station about it and they will do a story on it. It’s various, it’s intriguing, and it’s not negative news … which seems to be all there is on the news nowadays. Run a successful gym marketing campaign and help others at the same time!

5. Supply complimentary workshops.

These can either be onsite at your center or at a recreation center. If you call or visit your regional Chamber of Commerce and inquire about a listing of presentations, you will be impressed. People provide discussions on anything from basket weaving to coding HTML. If they don’t already have someone frequently providing on fitness-related topics, just ask them to put you on the schedule. They announce all upcoming presentations to their member and email list. Create a great headline for your discussion though. “Physical fitness Tips” simply will not cut it. How about, “The best ways to lose that 10 Pounds prior to Bikini Season” or “Show Me the Diet plan You’re on and I’ll Program You Why it isn’t really Working: A Roundtable Discussion” or “7 Things You Can do Right Now to Begin Losing Weight Tomorrow”. If you hold your workshop at your gym, announce it to all your members and allow them to bring buddies. Then call your regional newspaper and have them reveal your physical fitness workshop to their readers. This is among the most effective gym marketing strategies and a terrific method to become recognized as the very best gym in your market.

6. Compose a Report.

It doesn’t have to be incredibly long … perhaps just between 10-20 pages. Write about weight-loss misconceptions, yo-yo-diets, obese kids … anything that is a hot topic right now. Contact your regional papers and let them understand that you, a regional physical fitness specialist and health club owner, has actually composed a free report for the neighborhood. It can be promoted as, “FREE Report Exposes the 10 Reasons That Your Present Diet plan isn’t working!” or “FREE Book written by SmithTown physical fitness professional reveals why our children are putting on weight and what to do about it”. Your Free Report can likewise reveal when your next seminar is as well.

7. Make one of your members a hero.

Media loves success stories, specifically ones that involve somebody getting rid of unbelievable chances. You probably understand someone like this in your club, however why not enable members to send applications to be “SmithTown Physical Fitness Hero”. Have everybody send a 300 word short article on how they have gotten rid of the chances and how your club has actually helped them. When you select a winner, send a news release to the paper, “Local SmithTown resident wins Hero award”. Obviously, provide something to everybody who sends an application. Perhaps frame and post all of the success stories and produce a “SmithTown Physical Fitness Wall of Heroes” at your club to let all your members be motivated. Think of how effective this would be to show a possibility as you’re touring them! Of course, these 7 strategies just scratch the surface of how you can secure free promotion in your fitness facility. Be creative and you will see your health club become more popular the more proactive you are in your PR efforts.